Women's Recovery


Connecting with those of shared experience. Together we grow, grieve, laugh, and nurture one another, building connected relationships. 

● Supported by facilitators who have done the work of their own healing. They will provide a safe and confidential place where you will feel validated, encouraged, empowered, and empathized with on your journey toward wholeness. 

● Working through topics with the tools needed to help you process your journey. 


Betrayal to Empowerment 

Online groups for women who are experiencing or have experienced sexual betrayal by a loved one. Here we begin healing from the trauma, lies, an abuse, caused by our partner's sexual problematic behavior. Learn new skills and tools that will strengthen you on your journey. Resources offered to equip you for challenges ahead.

Cost: $80 monthly

Please complete forms below if interested in joining a group. 

Once you have been approved to join a group see how to register here:  Betrayal to Empowerment Group

For more information email: info@redemptivejourney.com

Please complete the forms using links below for our Betrayal to Empowerment Group


Broken to Breakthrough 

Online groups for women who want to journey from their own sexual brokenness, who find themselves looking for love in all the wrong places. They find themselves disheartened and ashamed of their own behaviors but struggling to stop and learn to love themselves in a healthy way.

Cost: $80 monthly

For more information email info@redemptivejourney.com